Natural Oasis Box with Dividers (Birch)



Where handwritten love goes to relax!

With an open design that makes accessing your cards easy, these hand-built boxes are made from strong and stable Baltic Birch that will resist warping over time. The iron-branded logo adds handmade charm and the soft organic cotton canvas inlay keeps your cards from slipping. With its clean lines and simple structure, this sturdy organizer makes a perfect go-to storage spot.

Each of the 12 monthly divider tabs that accompany your box are printed on thick cotton stock and 3 additional blank tabs will allow you to fully customize your organizer. Create a tab for cards you’ve received, a space to store stamps, or any other customization you’d like.



+ Hand-crafted strong and stable Baltic Birch body that will resist warping over time

+ Raw, unfinished surface that feels soft and natural to the touch

+ Empty box is 1 lb. 5 oz. with a solid, weighted feel

+ Bottom is lined with organic cotton canvas for a slip-free surface

+ Iron-branded interior rear wall adds discreet, handmade character

+ Able to accommodate most standard greeting card sizes with an interior length of 7 7/8 in.

+ Interior depth of 5 in. will accommodate 15 divider tabs, 30 flat folded cards comfortably, and 40 flat folded cards snugly

+ Max capacity is approximately 50 flat folded cards with envelopes

+ Box includes 12 monthly divider tabs as well as 3 blank tabs that can be written on and used for a variety of storage purposes

+ Divider tabs are printed on thick cotton stock 



Please handle with care. Our boxes are structurally resilient, but pen, marker, or dirty hands can smudge or stain. A soft, clean cloth may be used on the hardwood lid, painted exterior surface, and interior Baltic Birch surface. We do not recommend using cleaning products of any kind.



This hand-built piece was crafted with care and attention by a real person and we inspect each of our boxes closely before making them available to you to ensure beautiful quality. However, please expect to uncover small hints of the creative process in various ways when you receive your box! Slight "imperfections" or inconsistencies are a joyful reminder that this product was not mass produced in a factory, but lovingly crafted in a small family-owned shop.