Cards Don't Matter will be sustainable as long as we act in ways that consider the health of the planet AND the well-being of the humans who interact with us. 

That means reducing the single-use plastic we rely on, the waste we create, and the overall footprint of our business.

It means walking that same walk at home. 

It also means caring for the spirit of our customers and ourselves by making decisions that nourish and support before focusing on the exchange of dollars and products. 

You are more than a customer. We are more than a "stuff" seller. Our planet is more than the surface we exist on.

So in addition to the efforts we're making in our personal lives, here's how we're prioritizing sustainability in our business right now:



> Our Quarterly Shops are beneficial for you as the card sender, but they're also beneficial for the planet. Purchasing many cards that ship together at one time is an eco-conscious alternative to making many individual trips to the store or placing several orders that ship separately online. 


> Our cards are printed on 100% recycled and recyclable stock and we package each one in a clear compostable sleeve to protect it during transit.

> We also order inventory in bulk to reduce fuel spent on delivery.


> Our Oasis Boxes are hand-built just 2.5 hours away from our office. They are lined with organic cotton canvas, the hardwood for each lid is sustainably sourced, and we package and ship each one using 100% recycled boxes and paper filler. Our organizers are built to last and our hope is that they'll even be passed down to a future generation of handwritten lovers!


> We're here to help you get so much more than organized. At the end of the day, we know cards are just one of many vehicles that can give us access to the love and connection we're building within ourselves and in our relationships.

A card is an external "thing" that helps us cultivate internal well-being.

So we're not here to sell cards at any cost. Or to trick you into thinking you need us to be "okay".

If you love to gift Your People with handwritten love, or you wish you were better at showing up in that way, this will be a great community to tap into. 

If cards really aren't your thing, that means there are other ways that you love to generously connect with and celebrate Your People. 

> We also recognize that a strained environment disproportionately affects the most vulnerable communities and we're committed to leveraging our many privileges for change. 

> Along with that commitment, we are regularly paying and learning from BIPOC educators, authors, and business coaches. We work to design products that are inclusive. We have taken the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge. And we are actively working to build an equitable, anti-racist organization. This is on-going work and learning and we always welcome feedback on our blind spots and areas where we can make Cards Don't Matter even better in the future.


To us, moving the needle in all of these areas together creates an environment for real sustainability.