Kids' Custom Cards - Info


Turn your child's unique artwork into one-of-a-kind card sets!

In addition to giving your kiddo the thrill of seeing their artwork turned into beautiful cards, these sets would make memorable holiday cards, great stocking stuffers, or provide an engaging introduction to the gesture of card giving. 


10 openings for Custom Card projects are available for purchase.

Book your spot by purchasing this listing on Saturday, November 13th.

After you purchase to book your spot, we'll reach out via email to walk you through the design process from start to finish. 

You'll provide:
1. Your child's original artwork
You can mail us the actual artwork and we'll do a high-quality scan and mail the artwork back to you. You can also take a high-res photo and email that to us.

2. A photo of your child (optional)
If you choose, the back of the card can feature a "This card was created by" blurb, with a photo and short description celebrating your budding artist!

We'll provide:
1. Design guidance and suggestions, as needed

2. A digital mockup of the custom card designs, emailed to you, so you'll know exactly what the final product will look like 

3. Any changes to the digital mockup that you'd like to see before the project is sent to print

4. Clear, timely, and helpful communication throughout the process

Once the digital mockup has your "Looks great! Print it!", we'll invoice you for the number of cards you'd like to print. (Minimum order is 24 cards.)
When your invoice has been paid, we'll print your order, quality check each piece, and ship you your one-of-a-kind cards!


... you think it would be a blast to send out unique and personalized cards. Cards featuring your kiddo's creativity will stand out and be a joy for others to receive in the mail!

... you know a parent or grandparent who would love to discover a set of custom cards in their stocking on Christmas morning!

... you want to introduce your child to the beautiful gesture of card giving in a fun way. Imagine how much pride they'll feel sending a message to a loved one in a card with their artwork on it!


To book a spot on our calendar to create your custom cards, you'll purchase the CUSTOM CARD - CHILDREN'S ARTWORK listing on our website on Saturday, November 13th.


The design fee for this project is $55.
You'll pay this when you book one of the 10 available spots. 
The design fee does not cover the cost to print your cards.

The cost to print is $3.00 per card. (24 card minimum)
The above reduced rate applies to your initial order.
After your initial order, you'll have the chance to reorder at any time for one year, at a rate of $4 per card.


Q: What dimensions should my child's artwork be?
A: An 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper is the perfect ratio. Cards will be half that size, printed on 4.25" x 5.5" stock. We can print vertically or horizontally. 

Q: When should my child's artwork be completed if I DO want to create holiday cards or give these custom cards as a gift?
A: To ensure that we can move the design process along smoothly, we recommend using artwork that your child has already created.

Q: When should my child's artwork be completed if I am NOT planning to use the cards for the holidays?
A: No rush! You can use artwork that your child has already created or they can create something new.

Q: Can I have you create more than one custom design?
A: Sure! Please purchase one CUSTOM CARD - CHILDREN'S ARTWORK for each design you'd like to create.

Q: What kind of cards will my custom design be printed on?
A: Your custom design will be printed on the same stock that we use for our regular card collections. They are:
+ Blank inside with room for your handwritten love
+ Printed on 100% recycled stock that can be recycled again later
+ Thick (130lb) stock for a boutique quality, high-end feel
+ 4.25" x 5.5"
+ Sturdy white envelope included

Q: How will my cards be packaged?
A: Your choice! Some common options are sets of 6 and 8. 
Sets will be packaged in kraft window boxes. 

Q: What kind of timeline can I expect?
A: After you book your spot on November 13th, we'll reach out via email to start the design process that following Monday. 
As long as we're able to hear back from your in a timely manner, we should be able to create the digital mockup and work out the details with you in 7-10 business days.
We estimate having your design finalized before Thanksgiving and would then be able to print your order as soon as the invoice for your card purchase is paid. 

Q: Will I be able to order more cards later on?
A: We'll keep your design on file for one year and you can order more cards at any time by emailing Each order requires a minimum of 24 cards.

Q: How much will it cost to reorder cards at a later date?
A: After your initial order, the cost per card will increase from $3 per card to $4 per card.

Q: Will my purchase include the digital file of my design?
A: We will retain the digital version of your design. This is so we can ensure the highest quality product if it is ever reprinted.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Can I create a custom design?
A: Currently, we only ship within the US and are only taking US-based projects at this time.

Book your spot here on November 13th.