Four times a year, in January, April, July, and October, we swing open our digital doors and welcome you into our Quarterly Shop!

This is your one chance to shop with us each season, so you'll bustle right on in with a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step. We'll high five each other and you'll say, "Boom, baby! Time to get SO organized!" and we'll say, "Go, girl! You've got this!"

During the Shop, you'll prepare for an entire season of card-giving in one go. We recommend shopping for the following 3 months. (Ex: In January, get your February, March, and April cards ready to go.)



Before each Quarterly Shop opens, we'll deliver that season's private early bird discount code to our email VIPs. (If you enjoy the practice of paying less money for things, you'll probably want to become one of those...)

The early bird sale provides an incentive to get in and get your shopping mission done, without the temptation to put it off.

It also ensures that you'll know exactly when to buy to get the best deal each quarter, with no risk of getting "out-saled" a week later!

Not an email VIP yet? We can help!




During each Quarterly Shop, when you select a card for each person on your list, you'll also let us know the month you plan to send it and the recipient's first name.

Not because we're nosy.

But because this allows us to deliver your order ALREADY organized by month. 

Your order will also include a "cheat sheet" that will remind you which card you picked for each person.




The benefit of shopping for lots of cards at once, well ahead of time, is that you're always prepared. Even if you wait until the last minute to order, you'll have 3 months of cards ready to go before the start of each season.


P.S. Want a reminder before the next Quarterly Shop opens? Sign up here and we'll keep you in the loop!