Handwritten Love List-Builder



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Controversial opinion: Your handwritten love life was NOT designed to be shared with everyone you know. 


But too often, whether it's a thoughtful, handwritten card, drinks with professional acquaintances, or any other seemingly "small" commitment, we still find ourselves trying to say yes to everyone.

The result? Because we're busy, often overcommitted, and swatting away distractions all day long, card sending can turn into a chore. It becomes a last-minute errand or just another to-do list item, instead of the gift of unrushed, tangible (and really freaking delightful!) connection that it was meant to be.

Each time we try to spend a little bit of energy on everyone because we "feel bad" or "really should", we end up forfeiting our ability to go all in when it comes to our most life-giving, tank-refilling relationships.

But when we're able to sit down and put that good, gushy, intentional energy into something? It shows.

So how can we prioritize Our People without feeling like we're excluding others? How can we up level our handwritten love lives from Chore Status to something we look forward to?

Our Handwritten Love List-Builder was designed to get you set up with the RIGHT list, in 30 minutes or less. A list that will be obligation free and, as a result, procrastination and "worn out energy" proof. 

On page one, you'll learn the #1 rule you must follow when building your list as well as how to lovingly handle the people who DON'T make the cut. 


 Click here to download the free List-Builder


As an added bonus, you'll also learn a quick-to-implement simple system that will remind you to write and send the cards you purchase, so you don't have to rely on your own busy brain to do so. 

So. Ready to get the right list and your simple reminder system in place?

Click here to download the free List-Builder