Q:  What is a Better Box?

A:  A simplified card shopping experience + a year's worth of hand-selected cards + a beautiful hand-built monthly organizer = The Better Box.

We figured that by removing some of the biggest hurdles in the card shopping experience, we could make it that much easier to be a little bit better when it comes to our most important relationships.

Q:  Who is the Better Box for? 

A:  We designed the Better Box with two specific people in mind: The Procrastinators (and we're right there with them!) and The People With a Drawer Full of Cards, But Not the Card They Need. 

If you find you're always rushing at the last minute to pick up a card or it seems that you never have the card you really need on hand, the Better Box will be a super helpful organizational tool that will keep you well-prepared, well ahead of time.

Building a Better Box is also beneficial for those who are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to shop (less packaging and fuel will be used to ship you one box with many cards) and our organizer boxes make great birthday or wedding gifts for your fellow card lovers.


Q:  How do I build a Better Box?

A:  Building your own custom set of cards is super simple!

We recommend going to "How to Build" in the navigation menu for more info.


Q:  I'm using a phone or tablet and can't find the cards!

A:  From a phone or tablet, the nested drop down menus can be opened by clicking the carrot ( > ) next to each category. To find the cards, just click Menu and then the carrot next to Build My Better Box to open the drop down menu of card categories.

The carrots will open up each additional menu.


Q:  How long will it take to ship my order?

A:  We package each custom set of cards with care and attention and always leave wiggle room to double check your order to make sure each card is sorted into the proper month. Currently, we are able to process each Better Box order within 5-7 business days. 

Smaller orders and orders not shipping with an organizer box may ship sooner.


Q:  My product(s) arrived damaged. What should I do?

A:  We know there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a package you’re excited about, only to open it and find that your products have taken an unexpected detour on their way to you and have arrived exhausted, bruised, and covered in tattoos they can’t explain.

Although we pack each box with care and attention, we know that the transit process may bestow an unwanted surprise or two.

If your products have arrived in unsatisfactory condition, please contact us right away with a photo of the damage. We will make it right for you as soon as possible. Please email hello@cardsdontmatter.com. We will respond within 2 business days.


Q:  Can I cancel my order?

A:  If we have not yet processed your order, we are happy to cancel it if needed. Once an order has been packaged and processed however, a cancellation will not be possible. Please contact us with your cancellation request as soon as possible at hello@cardsdontmatter.com.


Q:  Do you offer any discounts?

A:  You can access an instant 10% discount code (along with our free guide "4 Simple Steps: How to Easily Write a Save-Worthy Card, Every Time") by joining our VIP email list via the opt-in at the bottom of this page.  Our VIPs have access to regular discounts and offers that we don't share publicly.

In addition, we happily bestow free shipping upon all orders of $50 or more.


Q: Who builds your organizer boxes?

A: Our beautiful organizer boxes are hand-built just for us in Pittsburgh, PA by our great friends at Keird

We love their attention to detail and simple clean design style and each carefully crafted box is a reflection of the pride they take in making sure every element- from the individually fitted maple, cherry, and walnut lids to the carefully iron-branded logo- is just right.