You're, like, pretty busy. And you maaay tend to get overwhelmed, procrastinate, and stress as a result.

We're here to help with that.

We've created Cards Don't Matter to help you disable distractions, clear some mental space, and make it streamlined and simple to show up for Your People in the ways you really want to be. (Aka no more birthday texts when you really want to be sending handwritten love.)

Here's how it all works: 



Four times a year, in October, January, April, and July, we swing open our digital doors and welcome you into our Quarterly Shop!

This is the ONLY opportunity to shop with us each season, so you'll bustle right on in with a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step and we'll high five each other and you'll say, "Boom, baby! Time to get SO organized!" and I'll say, "Go, girl! You've got this!"

Please note: Ours is a community joyfully bursting at the seams with positive reinforcement. Enjoy! 

Anyway. During the Shop, you'll prepare for an entire season of card-giving in one go.

This virtually eliminates the need to make repeated individual card shopping trips and this is FABULOUS news if you like to be efficient with your time and check lots of things off of your to-do list at once.  

In October, you'll shop for November, December, and January. 

In January, you'll shop for February, March, and April.

And so on. 




Before each Shop opens, we'll deliver that season's private early bird discount code to our email VIPs. (If you enjoy the practice of paying less money for things, you'll probably want to become one of those...)

The early bird sale provides an incentive to get in and get your shopping mission done, without the temptation to put it off.

It also ensures that you'll know exactly when to buy to get the best deal each quarter, with no risk of getting "out-saled" a week later!

Not an email VIP yet? There's an opt-in at the bottom of this page that is SUPER enthusiastically calling your name.




During each Shop, when you select a card for each person on your list, you'll also let us know the month you plan to send it and the recipient's first name. Not because we're nosy. But because this allows us to deliver your order ALREADY organized by month. 

Your order will also include a reference sheet that will remind you which card you picked for each person. Then you don't have to sit there like, "Oh. Uhhh.... was this Speedo-wearing frog card for my cousin Matt or Grandma?"

Basically what we're saying is that it will take zero mental space to stay organized and that's EXACTLY the amount of mental space we want you to spend in this area. Thumbs up. 




So one of the side effects of being totally on your game and getting prepared ahead of time is that you'll need somewhere to store your cards before it's time to send them. 

Our hand-built, heirloom quality boxes create a perfect home base for your cards until it's go time. 

Don't hate them because they're beautiful. Just get one so you can look at it every day!

Each organizer comes with a set of 12 monthly divider tabs and three blank tabs that you can customize however you'd like. 

Need a space for stamps or somewhere to store the cards you've received and want to save? Customizable tabs create a neat and tidy spot for it all. 




Last thing here. And it's an important one. You can buy all of the adorable lighthearted cards in the world, but if you've got the wrong people on your list and NO system set up to help you remember to write and send the cards you've purchased, card sending will remain a CHORE instead of a way to joyfully reconnect with Your People.

"OMG, THAT," as the kids say, "is SOOOO not what we're going for."

But we've got your back. And the first thing you'll learn is how to build the RIGHT list. 

If you want to get started now, you can sign up below and you'll receive our Handwritten Love List-Builder delivered to your inbox.

You'll learn the #1 rule you MUST follow when building your list to ensure that you're writing to the right people. (And, okay, no one likes being told they MUST do something... but trust me on this one. Following this rule will make your life at least 18% better.*)

*Not science. But could be true? 

In addition to building the right list, you'll ALSO learn a simple little system that will help you remember to write and send those cards so you don't have to rely on your busy, overwhelmed, sometimes procrastination-prone brain to do so.

That means you can spend more time, love, and energy showing up for Your People with delicious handwritten love.

And THAT, my friend, IS what we're going for.