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Welcome, fellow procrastinators!

We've created a unique support system built specifically for you. 

Want to up-level your handwritten love life so you can nourish your most meaningful relationships without the irritation that comes from perpetually putting things off? Read on!






Four times a year, in January, April, July, and October, we host a Quarterly Shop.

This is the ONLY opportunity to shop with us each season.

During the Shop, our procrastination-prone friends prepare for an entire season of card-giving all in one sitting, virtually erasing the need to ever make a stressed out, last-minute card shopping trip. 

In January, you'll shop for February, March, and April. 

In July, you'll shop for August, September, and October.

And so on. 



Before each Shop opens, we'll deliver that season's private early bird discount code to our email VIPs. This provides another incentive to get in and get your shopping mission accomplished, without the temptation to put it off.

It also ensures that you'll know exactly when to buy to get the best deal each quarter, with no risk of getting "out-saled" a week later!

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During each Shop, you'll select a card for each person on your list and let us know the month you plan to send it and the recipient's first name. 

We'll deliver your order already organized by month, with a reference sheet that will remind you which card you picked for each person, so it will take zero mental space to stay organized. 




Buying cards all in one go just a few times a year so you can bypass lots of smaller trips (and opportunities for procrastination!) isn't the end of the story though. We need to make sure you don't lose the fun, lighthearted cards you bought before it's time to send them!

That's where our organizational tools come in. Our hand-built, heirloom quality boxes create a perfect home base for your cards until it's go time. 

Each organizer comes with a set of 12 monthly divider tabs and three blank tabs that you can customize for whatever use you'd like. Need a space for stamps or somewhere to store the cards you've received and want to save? Customizable tabs create a perfect spot for it all. 





The thing is, while getting your cards ahead of time and having a spot to safely store them is great, it's gonna be all for naught if you don't remember to send those cards!

That's why we think the key to card-giving success is to have a complete SYSTEM in place to support you.

That system has to be SIMPLE and it has to be one that's geared specifically towards procrastinators and our unique challenges. 

To set yourself up with a system that will fully support your handwritten love life, in spite of your procrastination habit, we recommend using our 30-minute Reboot Challenge to guide you. 





The Challenge will efficiently walk you through building a list of Your People that you'll look forward to showering with handwritten love, will teach you how to deal with the pesky ways procrastination robs our relationships without us even noticing, and will help you seal the deal with a simple-to-implement strategy that will ensure you don't have to rely on your busy, easily distracted brain to remember to send each card when it's time. 


So. Ready to get started? 

You can have the Challenge delivered to your inbox right NOW. 

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