Hey all!

We're Laura M. and Justin G., a husband and wife team of artists who have been collaborating creatively since 2015.

We'd put Prince, a super fresh hot buffalo chicken pizza, Beethoven's 5th symphony, getting bundled up and plopping down on your back in freshly fallen snow, our orange pickup truck Cici, Wes Anderson's glorious masterpiece Isle of Dogs, InstantPot shredded chicken tacos, and the paintings of Mark Rothko at the very tippity top of our list of favorite things. 



In the process of building Cards Don't Matter (before it even had a name) we talked with and surveyed and interviewed as many card senders and givers as we possibly could.

We learned a lot, but one fact really stuck out.

People love handwritten love.

90% of people, actually.

A great design can absolutely add something special or meaningful to the card-receiving experience (which is why we work really hard to create lighthearted, colorful designs that are never snarky, mean-spirited, or sarcastic.)

But in the end, the card isn't the important part.

What we learned is that it's what you write, your handwritten love and presence, that really makes a card save-worthy. 

So not only are we designing great cards with lots of space for your thoughts, we're helping you learn how to write a great message if that might not be your forte.

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We created Cards Don't Matter and the concept of the Better Box for two specific people:

The Procrastinators and The People With a Drawer Full of Cards, But Not the Card They Need

If you're The Procrastinator, you constantly find yourself either making a rushed last minute trip to find a card or you reluctantly settle for neglecting the task altogether. For you, card-giving can very quickly become a nagging to-do list item that doesn't spark a whole lotta joy. #mariekondo

If you're The Person With a Drawer Full of Cards, you've spent the time and energy trying to be prepared, but still find yourself making extra trips to find a card when you don't have the right one on hand.

Cards Don't Matter solves the "Crap! I'm not prepared!" problem of The Procrastinator and the "Hmm, none of these cards are just right for her!" struggle of The Person With a Drawer Full of Cards.

In creating a system that allows you to sit down once and hand select a card for everyone on your yearly list, we've created a card shopping experience that merges the benefits of buying in bulk with the intention and uniqueness of a custom product.

So Procrastinators? You'll be ready. 

And Drawer Full of Card-ers? You'll know you have the right card.

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