How to Write a Great Card in 4 Simple Steps

July 23, 2020 1 Comment

How to Write a Great Card in 4 Simple Steps

You shuffle to your mailbox and open it.

As usual, it's stuffed with bills and junk and a large, glossy Papa John's advertisement addressed to CURRENT RESIDENT.

But wait...

There's something else.

Hidden within the intricate folds of a coupon mailer is a gosh-darned, 100% authentic, real, genuine, handwritten envelope.

And it's addressed to YOU.

It's a card! A gem amongst mailbox trash!

You toss the rest of the mail into the air and it rains down upon you like confetti as you tear into the envelope with anticipation.

As your delighted little fingers fold open the card, eyeballs ready to devour the juicy wall of handwritten love that was written especially for you, you think, "Man, I wish I could send cards this good. But I never know what to write!"

Well, today is your day friend. I'm revealing the secrets that great card senders around the globe already know.

Let's up-level your card game. 


woman writing a greeting card


4 Simple Steps to Writing a Great Card (+ Roadblocks to Avoid)


STEP 1  |  Choose with Intention

A great card gets an "Aww, love this!" on the outside and an "Awwww, love YOU!" on the inside.

We've all received cards with designs that actually delighted us. That's the goal!

Shoot for a card that makes you say, "Oh, that is SO [insert recipient's name here]!" when you pick it out.



Buying in bulk. A variety pack of cards can be great to have on hand. However, having to choose a card from whatever you happen to have lying around often steals your chance to personalize the card-giving experience, inside and out.

Cards Don't Matter's Quarterly Shops offer an equally convenient alternative to bulk shopping that also lets you give Your People that "hand-picked just for you" experience.

We do that by letting you note the name of the recipient and the month you plan to send each card as you order an entire season of cards in one go.

You'll receive your cards organized chronologically, with a "cheat sheet" tucked in so it's effortless to keep track later.

Essentially, we're the only card shop we know of that makes it possible to shop in "customized bulk".  Learn more


stack of greeting cards

 It's a no-brainer to keep track of and deliver each picked-just-for-you card thanks to the "cheat sheet" we include with each order.


STEP 2  |  No Shame in the Rough Draft Game

Have you ever started a card, decided you didn't like the message, and then had to scrap it and start over? Most of us have been there.

Opening up the Notes app on your phone to jot down some thoughts is a simple way to brainstorm what you really want to say before you commit to your final message.



Overthinking it. Just start with one heartfelt sentence and then see if there's anything else you'd like to add.

Rinse and repeat.


woman writing a greeting card


STEP 3  |  Get Specific

"Happy Birthday, Dani! Hope you have a great day!" definitely gets the job done. But we can all agree that those wishes are the dictionary definition of forgettable. 

Want to write a save-worthy card? Challenge yourself to get specific.

"Dani! This year you've proven that you're the dinner party queen, a total boss when it comes to Game of Thrones trivia, and more than anything, a friend who was always there to walk with me through the tough, unexpected stuff life brought this spring. Wishing you the BEST 29th birthday! Thanks for being you."



Coming up short in the specifics category! When this happens to me, it's a red flag that I need to reevaluate.

Should this person really be on my list? Am I writing this one out of a sense of obligation instead of a genuine desire to connect?

More importantly, is this someone I really care for? In that case, it might mean a phone call to catch up and reconnect is in order!

The specifics that you're able to draw from when you sit down to write a card can help you assess the current quality of your most important relationships. They can also shine a light on the ones that may need a little extra TLC!


greeting cards next to a Handwritten Love List

Untangle your card-giving with our FREE printable One-Page Yearly Card Calendar. Want to fill in yours now? Get the printable here. We'll deliver a fresh, blank calendar to your inbox and teach you how to use it to hack the card shopping experience.


STEP 4  |  Dig Deep

When it comes to our favorite people, a little vulnerability goes a long way.

But is it hard for you to put your feelings into words? Start simple and write in your voice.

Sharing feelings doesn't automatically mean saying something that feels cheesy or that isn't "you".

You can say, "You are incredibly special to me and I treasure you!"

You can also say, "UGH, I just freaking love you and it's stupid how awesome you are."

When it comes to our favorite people, the important thing is not the words we use, but that our words don't go unsaid.



Forcing it. A heartfelt message doesn't have to look any one way. It's all about how YOU feel when writing it! When it comes to your handwritten love life, it's better to write something short and sweet that you actually believe than to force a message that doesn't feel genuine. 


two cards with handwritten messages inside


But why does it even matter?

The thing is, we've all phoned it in when it comes to sending a card.

(Sometimes I've phoned it in so hard that I just didn't send one at all!)

But that icky feeling of disappointment that creeps in when we don't show up for our people quite as fully as we would like to is not the goal. 

If we're gonna show up, let's show UP!

If we're gonna send the card, let's make it save-worthy.

That little jolt of joy we get when we spy a piece of Good Mail crammed in between the junk is a pretty dang beautiful feeling. 

And now you know how to bestow that joy upon your favorite people, too. 


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August 02, 2021

I would love your printable One Page yearly Card Calendar!. Thank you for helping a chronically late person!

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