Most card shops are focused on just that... the cards.

But we took a few steps back to look at HOW everyday people buy and send their cards. 

We studied the process inside and out. We started to notice common hurdles. And we discovered how procrastination sneaks in and throws us off. 

Then we gave the entire system a makeover so you don't have to mess with any of that.

What our customers are saying:

"I felt SUUUUPER on my game looking at a calendar and putting birthdays on it three months in advance. The girlfriend this week is definitely one I would want to send a card to but would tooootally drop the ball without buying it weeks ago!"


"Buying all my cards up front last year helped so much! I inevitably scramble for cards- and found myself doing so on the morning of my anniversary. I can’t tell you how proud of myself I was when I looked in my box and pulled out the perfect card (that I had hand picked months ago) for my husband."


"I have found I'm being much more intentional & thoughtful in the card realm- looking for ways to celebrate others with meaningful words. Bravo and keep doing what you're doing! (I guess I should have written that in a card!)"


“I just love sending cards and with the pandemic, your site feels like I am browsing in one of my favorite gift stores. I never knew I needed your store until I saw your site!”


Quarterly Shops are a great fit for you if:

+ You love the feeling of sealing up a card full of handwritten love and sending it off on time. Ahhh... success!

+ Your procrastination has ever lead to rushed, belated, or overlooked cards. (You're in great company here!)

+ You want to infuse more joy into life's "ordinary" tasks.